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Free training!

How To Start & Run a High Value Mastermind

Join an experienced mastermind facilitator (that's me!) for a free 30-minute primer giving you mastermind process basics and a "starter kit." This training is via live Zoom call and is FREE for TMS students, coaches and friends.

No sales and no strings attached.

Live on Tuesday Jan 12, at 2:00 p.m. ET.

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A mastermind is not just another meeting

Find out what makes this so powerful and walk away with...

Answers to your most common questions: How is a mastermind different from a any other meeting? "Who's in charge?" "How do we share the workload, run the meetings, keep people committed?"

A proven 6-step agenda to increase your productivity, heighten accountability and reduce time lost "figuring it out."

Avoid common pitfalls that derail your group: "One person is doing all the work!", "There's no ownership!'" or "It just fizzled out after a while..." scenarios.

A planning worksheet for facilitators and participants. Organize thoughts and ideas follow-up and make progress. Taking 10 minutes prepare before a mastermind makes all the difference. This shows you how.

If we have time, a lessons learned review. Things to watch out for as your mastermind evolves and what to do if they happen.

You'll know the steps to start, facilitate and follow-up, so your mastermind delivers the incredible results that made the process famous.

Learn it once and use it forever. Sign me up!