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"My Mastermind made me do it !"

Use the proven method behind many "overnight" success stories.

Thousands of entrepreneurs-to-be, authors, professors, coaches, new business owners, and more have found solutions, realized dreams, and gained peace of mind by taking their work, ideas, and questions to a well-run Mastermind. Learn how in less than an hour.

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Get organized. Reliable. Inspiring.

If you suspect you have what it takes to do great work and make an impact, you're right!

A Mastermind group gives you a place to get the information you need to realize your plans and reach your potential.

The Mastermind system has worked for over 100 years to give a step-by-step path to follow for results.

What you get

  • Instantly, you get your unique login and access the entire program on a private platform.
  • Mastermind training is 100% online and self-paced. Access it on your computer or our phone app.
  • Step-by-step, entertaining video training walks you through the steps to create your Mastermind
  • Mastermind fundamentals training to give you the steps to make every meeting run smoothly
  • Get the top 10 Lessons Learned from the world's top Mastermind enthusiasts. Bypass beginner mistakes.
  • Downloadable PDFs: One-page prep form, perfect facilitator template, agenda, sample invitations, and convocations others will beg to borrow.
  • Have a question or comment? Post it in the members-only comments area. Need help? Just ask!
  • Download MP3 audios of every training, so you can listen on the go.
  • Non-expiring access all updates are yours.

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How it works

Easy to learn. Results come faster.


Fast, informative, and concise. So short you can watch the videos on your lunch break. Or download the MP3s and go for a walk. Plus you get a complete resource set including everything you need to start strong and stay organized. Veterans who've enrolled for a refresher say these are the best materials they've ever used.


The sooner you begin, the sooner you'll see amazing results. Don't worry, we can help you no matter where you are on your journey.


Follow the Mastermind process and commit and you will have wins. Connections with other professionals, business people and influencers come more easily and increase the speed of your growth


You're now part of an exclusive group of dedicated high-achievers committed to realizing their most ambitious dreams and helping others to realize theirs.

Mastermind shows you how to get what you want faster..

You'll know...

  • The secret structure that keeps you laser-focused 
  • New ways to position your service or product 
  • How to utilize your mastermind for accountability to achieve challenging goals
  • Useful tools and resources that save money and time
  • How to form alliances with people ahead of you on the same path
  • How to bypass mistakes that derail others


And suddenly... you're on your way

Accountability. Confidence. Connection.

"Being in a Mastermind pushes me to keep coming up with new ideas, stay on top of my projects and goals, and actually get things done!"

- Disco D. (Brooklyn, NY)

"Masterminding helps me focus and pushes me to name a goal to ask for help and to support others. I feel valuable contributing and this builds my confidence that I add value."   

- Tracy R. (Seattle, WA)

"Accountability. That's been so helpful along with a sense of community in a wider thinking group."

- Regina M. (California, USA)

"You get the advice you need. I feel like I have a backup crew and I just don’t feel so alone..." 

- Dori D. (Owner Red Dot Gallery, Birmingham, AL)

This really happened

Achieve the impossible

I want to try it!


Your Epic Story Starts Here

How to Set a Breakthrough Goal bonus is yours the minute you enroll.

Learn the secret to getting motivation and inspiration.

The step-by-step formula for your goal with the power to change everything is yours the minute you enroll today.

"Because of my Mastermind, I was able to persist. I wrote a book and I gave a TEDx talk."

Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Trainer. Founder of Pleasure and Prosperity Group

-- "The closest thing to a silver bullet I've ever experienced."

-- "The best thing I've ever done for my business!"

-- "I can move forward now."

-- "I took my branding and marketing to the next level."

-- "Very powerful. It's beyond amazing."

-- "There's a power you can't get anywhere else. There's something different about this."

"If you've got something you want to get done take it to a well-run Mastermind."

"This is what I needed! Thank you!"

6 real-life, reasons this works from real people in Masterminds

"This shortened my learning curve."

"Your Mastermind group will have skills and ideas that may have taken them years to develop, yet they can share them with you in a few minutes."

"I found a new level."

Accountability, accountability, accountability is the word people use over and over when asked about what they love about their Mastermind group.

"...helped me persist when I might have quit."

"You have a group of other people who believe in you. Self-doubt and fear start eroding. It's hard to explain, but slowly and over time you realize you're doing things you'd thought about for years." Dr. Pam Garcy, mastermind group member.

"I learned about platforms and resources I didn't even know existed."

"About 6 years ago, I was sharing my business worries with my Mastermind. One person told me about two tools that were the exact solutions I needed and didn't even know enough to look for them. I'm still using both of these tools nearly every day. Without my Mastermind group, I could have gone months or even years without knowing these solutions existed."

"You'll get ideas like crazy!"

"After working seven days a week for months on end I couldn't breakthrough. I was frustrated and exhausted. A famous author and major big wig in marketing training suggested to over 1000 students in the course that we all continue our work in a Mastermind. So I joined one... The insight and advice I got in only three months helped me face an "elephant in the room" that I was too close to see but had been holding me back all along.

"You feel less alone."

Partner with other entrepreneurs, business owners, or like-minded peers for affiliate sales or on projects. A Mastermind opens the door to forge deeper relationships.


Publications we've appeared in and companies we're worked with

We donate a portion of our profits to support literacy and free books for children.

About Courtney

Thousands of professionals, leaders, and executives, spanning multiple industries have checked "impossible" items off their to-do list because they learned to Mastermind. You can too.

If you're wondering , "How does she know?"
Fast Company, Business News Daily, CIO Magazine, and In Her Sight have published my advice. Ernst & Young, Marriott, Lowes, and Sage et. al., have entrusted me with their best and brightest.

When we meet, I’d love to hear your story.

See you inside!


"Because of my Mastermind, I...

  • Discovered new tools to help me run my business.
  • Feel more plugged into what's going on in the business world.
  • Have new inspiration just listening to what others are doing.
  • Have the courage to take action on things that intimidated me before I had this group of others believing in me.
  • Connect with others who've given me a completely new perspective.
  • Don't feel alone.
  • Have more focus. I'm amazed at what I'm accomplishing.

Answers to your questions...

"Who is this training right for?"

It's a fit for you if you want

  • Strategies and tactics for organizing and running a successful Mastermind group
  • To avoid the mistakes most people make when they start
  • Fast, reliable answers and irresistible as French fries in the car, and you don't mind sharing
  • To start a new mastermind group or streamline an existing one
  • Results, profit, and recognition!

"How long will it take?"

You can finish the training during your lunch hour. Download the MP3s and listen on the go. Download your materials in less than a minute.

"What happens after the training?"

  • You'll be one of a small community of people who know how to create and execute a real Mastermind. You'll have stronger leadership skills and more confidence, you'll see.

True story: Thomas Edison helped Henry Ford develop the idea for the "quadra-cycle" in their mastermind group. Andrew Carnegie attributed his entire fortune to his Mastermind group. President Theodore Roosevelt started a Mastermind group during his presidency.

"I'm an introvert and this sounds kinda people-y!"

I'm an introvert too! The structure of the Mastermind meeting is actually perfect for us introverts. The order and control make it easy to do your part and leave without awkwardness. Small talk is not required. And we've added some improvements to make it even more comfortable for introverts while giving you extroverts plenty of room to run too.

Mastermind helps you start a successful business faster.

No matter where you are in your career or business, your Mastermind will give you answers and open doors.

You can do this

"Do I have what it takes?"

Anyone can do this but few know the secret to do it right so it gets results. Commit and hold yourself and others accountable and you'll see you have what it takes. We all have self-doubt. This will reliably help tap into the power you already have to do more than you thought possible.

"Who delivers the training and how do they know?"

This training is designed and delivered by career strategist, author, and speaker Courtney Kirschbaum. "When I look at the turning points in my career almost all my big wins came from learning and support I got in a Mastermind."

So this happened:

After joining my first Mastermind group, before leaving the corporate world, colleagues would catch me alone in the hall or come by my office and almost whisper the question, "What's changed? What have you done? How can I get what you've got?" #TrueStory.

"Is a Mastermind good for jobseekers?"

Absolutely!! That is one process you do not want to go through alone. Using a Mastermind to job hunt helps you stay motivated, and keep your confidence Teflon coated. You'll have a sounding board and support group when you need them most. This is for anyone and perfect for your job hunt.

Have a question we didn't answer, we'll be happy to answer it here: info@Courtneykirschbaum.com

"One thing I needed for my business frightened me as much jumping out of an airplane. Because of my Mastermind group, I was able to push through and do it. Now, it's how I make my living."

You can depend on it