Got Writer's Block?

Find it hard to write about yourself? Here's instant relief. Your LinkedIn profile - where decision-makers are window shopping everyday - can snap up offers, instead letting them pass you by.

Energize your career with a blockbuster online presence and a professionally-written, custom profile.

Your masthead, headline and About summary start whipping up desire for you. Potential employers stop window-shopping and start reaching for their wallets.

Ideal for busy professionals who need results fast.

Courtney Kirschbaum, Career Strategist

Three Irresistible Ways

to open new doors...



Make a memorable first impression with a just-right image that delivers the right message. Perfect.


Your headline has one job: to inspire people to click through to you. Yours will. What's next?


Your story, well told, brings new message pings instead of silent shoppers.

Here's everything you get... and a smile

They find you

No more wasting time chasing scarce leads on stale job boards. Your precisely targeted, smartly-written profile, delivers fresh, high-quality leads.

Proven for 100+ years

Copywriting evokes persuasive images to pull psychological triggers. These are proven methods tested on audiences for over a century. Successful people use copy because it gets results!

BONUS resources!

You also get Booster Shot! This trusted, practical reference guide will help you maintain the quality of your new profile. Complete with the latest tactics and secrets so your marketing evolves with your career.

Raise your status

Your stock soars the minute someone sees your profile. BONUS: when others discover and appreciate you, your confidence soars, too.

Attract admirers

A honey-dripping profile means your right audience swarms in with bags of money and big buckets of love! Yeah, I'm exaggerating a teeny-tiny bit, but here's the point...the right words work wonders.

PLUS support!

Enjoy access to the private Booster Shot comment area. For members only, this is where you'll get answers to your questions, share your experiences, and see what others are up to.

Fast and powerful

Instantly open your network to decision-makers and influencers who'll reliably connect you to scores of un-posted jobs and word-of-mouth opportunities.

You are seen

You'll be the one selected from thousands who share your title or do similar work. Why? We bring laser-like focus to your most marketable assets in a slam-dunk profile that's unique. Like you.

"Massive Response."

"It was not until I met Courtney that I began to understand the inner workings of LinkedIn and how subtle changes in the profile can create massive response from the community."

- Marek Wasilewski, Vice President, USA

"You make me smile."

"You are very talented. I have to tell you, that I thoroughly enjoy your pertinent material, your way of writing... You make me smile, contemplate and re-evaluate... Please quote me!!"

- Karen D., Arizona, USA

Your professional reputation lives online

How long has your profile been on LinkedIn? How much longer will it be there? If you answered, "Years", then, respectfully, what are you waiting for? Your boss isn't going to gift this to you.

Is waiting is not working... there's more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the first step?

First, you provide the link to your current profile and your latest resumé. Next, a quick Zoom session. We collect key points to perfect your message. After that, two revision cycles. Then, you receive your final copy with custom layout suggestions. You cut + paste it in. Done! We never access your profile.

Is this for me?

We serve discriminating professionals who know investing in career-elevating products and services saves time and therefore money. If you want to unlock access to higher-level, higher-paying opportunities and increase your professional status, then this is for you!

Is it worth it?

Thousands have already visited your profile. What have they done? If you answered "Not much," then the caravan's passing you by! Don't let it! Think of your profile as a coffee shop, instead of a billboard. Invite people in, spark conversations with interesting strangers and discover new opportunities and unexplored options. Our recommendation: determine the monetary value of one hour of your time and make an informed choice about this non-refundable investment.

What kind of results can I expect?

Breakthroughs are common, especially if you're clear about the kind of opportunity you want. Treating yourself to a professional, strategically designed and written profile can be a fun and powerful career boost. FYI: it's normal to feel a little nervous.

How long does it take?

Due to high demand for Courtney's custom copy, the wait list for this product fills fast. We recommend completing the work within 30 days of purchase. Fastest turn-around is 7 days. We'll notify you before your purchase if there's a waitlist and let you know how long you can to expect wait.

Does it include my complete profile ?

This offering includes the three main elements of your profile - Masthead, Headline & Summary. We'll hand those over with a side of recommendations, including a one-page checklist showing you the steps to get maximum impact from your new image. Remember, you can always hit us up with your questions in the Comments area.

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