Welcome to the club!

An 8-week live Flash Mastermind with Career Strategist Courtney Kirschbaum

Sessions are SOLD OUT. Get on the waitlist!

Welcome to the club!

An 8-week live Flash Mastermind with Career Strategist Courtney Kirschbaum

Sessions are SOLD OUT. Get on the waitlist!

Unlock the Ultimate Freedom

"Work hard, and you'll get noticed," they said.

For years clients have said,
"I want a place at the table."
"I want to be the voice they listen to."
"I'm tired of being underpaid!" Or bored. Or both!

They're rock stars who've put in the work! If the work, hard-get noticed strategy ever worked, it doesn't anymore.

They are "quiet quitting" and joining the "great resignation" because they want more freedom and respect.

That's why I started the Flash Mastermind, to help professionals work smart, make money, and call the shots.

Other people are getting what they want. Why not you?

Money may not buy happiness, but it damn sure buys freedom, and guess what...?

I can help you get it!

What's It Like?
Join the club and feel the freedom!

Confession: I offered the first Flash Mastermind on a whim. Don't get me wrong, I love this tool, and it works. We followed a lean agenda, and members got resources and support galore. The first one took off in the best way. Everyone loved it!

Until Flash Mastermind, the only way to get my eyes on your career was through private one-on-one packages—not cheap.

You'll be doing your best work ever. Why? Because you not only get my coaching, you get to (ethically) eavesdrop on what I share with others—# Triplethreat.

By its nature, work is secretive. When you can talk, listen, teach and learn how others handled what you're facing, things begin to change.

You can change jobs, bag the promotion, or turn off the tape in your head playing what you don't want to hear (on repeat!)

And it doesn't hurt that the Mastermind process has worked for over 100 years.

"Actually get things done!"

"Being in a Mastermind pushes me to keep coming up with new ideas, stay on top of my projects and goals, and actually get things done!"

- Disco, Brooklyn, NY

"Masterminding helps me focus and pushes me to name a goal to ask for help and to support others. I feel valuable contributing and this builds my confidence that I add value."   

- Tracy, Seattle, WA

"Accountability. That's been so helpful along with a sense of community in a wider thinking group."

- Regina, California, USA

"You get the advice you need. I feel like I have a backup crew, and I just don’t feel so alone..." 

- Dori, Owner Red Dot Gallery, Birmingham, AL

"Am I doing something wrong?"

Are you beginning to wonder?

How do the people in charge get there? Why aren't you there? WTH?

Just work harder? Nope, that's not the answer. Neither is an MBA, in case you're thinking about it.

Let me save you a lot of time. Working hard, by itself, won't make it happen.

If the way we work in careers didn't exist, would we invent it? Nope!

Are you...

  • Asking yourself, "Am I missing something??"
  • Not well-suited to prison life, er, I mean, you aren't great at office politics and hate playing games.
  • Tired of wondering, "Is it ageism?"
  • Allergic to stupid and just want to do your job?
  • Have ambition, but question the idea of selling your soul.
  • Tired of being told, "It's the market" or "Maybe next year..." when the promotion bus doesn't stop for you?
  • Beginning to wonder when it's going to fall into place...

If that's you, you're in the right place.

My goal for you is to

  • Give you the answers to "...but I don't know" questions that hold you back.
  • Have a plan and a strategy, so call your own shots. (Really, you can.)
  • Work from where you want, and make money how you want.
  • Have new inspiration! Listen and learn from what others are doing and experiencing.
  • Know what's working and what needs adjusting. You'll do things that once scared you to death and laugh that it ever scared you.
  • Feel positive and optimistic because you're getting insight from others.
  • Feel supported by the others in the group.

And all without pulling a single all-nighter, missing a friend's wedding, or doing the Dr. Jekyll /Mr. Hyde "I'm ready/ I'm not ready" dance.

Insider secret: no one feels ready.

You're here, so you're interested.

You might be wondering...

"Who is this perfect for?"

-- Professionals who work in the corporate world

-- You, if you're looking for a better way to get more with the same or less work

-- You're ready to commit to your goal - a new job, promotion, or a career change.

and you:

-- Make what you consider a decent salary but feel like something's missing or you feel "behind"

-- Are ready to change things up

-- Are ready to commit.

"I'm an introvert, and this sounds people-y!"

Ditto! Put me in a cabin in the woods with an internet connection, and I'm good. Oh, and make sure there's coffee.

The structure of the Mastermind meeting is actually perfect for us introverts. The order and control make it easy to do your part and leave without awkwardness. No small talk required.

"How long will it take?"

-- We meet once a week for 8 weeks.

-- Each session is about 120 minutes.

-- Our group is capped at 5 members.

Grab my seat!

The rundown

I'm taking up to 5 people for the fall. It's first-come, first-serve. And these seats will go fast.

-- 1 Session each week
-- First Session Tuesday, September 27 at 6:00 p.m. ET.
-- Up to 120 minutes per session.

Get solutions and suggestions to your long-standing questions and the biggest challenges you face.

The rundown

I'm taking up to 5 people for the fall. It's first-come, first-serve. And these seats will go fast.

-- 1 Session each week
-- First Session Tuesday, September 27 at 6:00 p.m. ET.
-- Up to 120 minutes per session.

You get solutions and suggestions to your long-standing questions and the biggest challenges you face.

Think: flash mob

Remember when flash mobs were all the rage? People were spontaneously dancing in Grant Central Station?

Why? Because they were unexpected and positive. You never know what’s going to happen, yet you know people will be smiling.

You don't have to dance in a flash mob, pull an all-nighter, or answer emails on vacation to experience the magic that comes when people get together and get real.

Your genius shines as your creative juices flow, which is why I love facilitating these sessions. Unpredictable and wonderful. You're going to smile. Guaranteed.

"Because of my Mastermind, I was able to persist. I wrote a book and I gave a TEDx talk."

Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Trainer. Founder of Pleasure and Prosperity Group

"The closest thing to a silver bullet I've ever experienced."

"I can move forward now."

"I took my branding and marketing to the next level."

"Very powerful. It's beyond amazing."

"There's something different about this."

"If you've got something you want to get done take it to a well-run Mastermind."

What's going to happen and when?

One Group Call Each Week. Mastermind Meets Hot-Seat, Meets No BS Career Coach & Strategist

We start the last week of September. Specific days and times TBA.

We dig into your next step and professional positioning, work politics, LinkedIn or other copy, your inner voice, career strategy, your core genius, and voice, setting boundaries and managing expectations, and strategizing new jobs. Whatever comes up is fair game.

Insider coaching and insights just for this group

This means in-the-moment responses and career advice. Like what? You name it, it's like Vegas, people start talking, and next thing you know, here come answers, insights, and resources. "This is amazing!" gets said a lot!

Power Hour Private Coaching Session

You get one hour with me to use however you want to expand on things we cover in a flash session or walk about your materials, talk about whether a psychic is the way to go for you (just kidding, though someone did do this once - #truestory.) Power hour retails for $250, and prices are going up again soon, so make that $300.

Flash Mastermind Community

People are over Facebook, or is it Meta? Let them harvest someone else's data, you'll be sipping espresso and perusing posts and linking to "Oh my God! Can I share this?" Resources in our private community. This is where you'll get announcements and reminders and it's private so you don't have to worry about your high school boyfriend or girlfriend or your current or ex-boss stalking you here. Privacy, ah, smells like freshly baked bread.

That's not all!

You get this too.

Ask Anything Free-For-All!

Ask whatever you want in the community. Ask me. Ask others, and answer what others post.

Bonus Guest Expert Sessions

Previous and future guests include the head of an MBA program at Baltimore HBCU, finance experts, and other career experts. Guests are customized to each group and do not disappoint.

Mastermind Digital 

Finish it during your lunch hour use it forever. This preps you for our 8 meetings. This $200 course is included when you join the Flash Mastermind. Get the details here.

+Plus, you get loads of resources

Sh*it happens, and sometimes we can't predict what's needed. When you present a question, or problem I or someone on the call has already solved, and we get you a resource.

Join us!

You get Mastermind Digital

Relax you can finish it on your lunch break, and you'll be pumped to start.

  • Instantly, you get your personal login and access the entire program on a private platform.
  • 100% online and self-paced. Access it on your computer or our phone app.
  • Entertaining step-by-step, digital training walks you through what you need to know
  • Downloadable PDFs: One-page prep form, perfect facilitator template, agenda, sample invitations, and convocations others will beg to borrow.
  • Have a question or comment? Post it in the members-only community. Need help? Just ask!
  • Download MP3 audios of every training, so you can listen on the go.
  • Non-expiring access all updates are yours, for-evah!
  • Cherry on top: Your 8 Flash Mastermind group meetings to va-va-vavoom your strategy and plan (or devise them!)

This is your secret weapon.


This is what makes it foolproof!

Here comes the missing element

Picture this: all the guys are gathered around the Mad Men table and someone says, "I like it, but there' s no sizzle."

You gotta have the sizzle. Before our first meeting you get this brilliant Breakthrough Goal tool. Don't worry. It's easy and we're here to help you nail this. Once you do, the steak is in the pan. (Or Beyond Meat, if that's how you roll.) You've got the sizzle and you're on your way.

The sizzle bonus is yours the minute you enroll.

Save me a seat!

Have we met?

I'm Courtney. All the way down here, it feels like we already know each other, but in case your memory is as "what did I come in here for?" bad as mine. Here's the deal.

Thousands (yeah, *thousands* I've been doing this for 10 years!) of people have checked "impossible" items off their bucket lists because we worked together.

Backstory: I made my bones working in the Big Four - shout out to KPMG - I worked with all the biggie clients, too. Oh, and I did two stints at Yale! One as a student in a management program, one as a manager in a student program. I didn't get my degree there, just a program, and some swag.

Fast Company, Business News Daily, and CIO Magazine have published my advice. Ernst & Young, Marriott, Lowes, and Sage, et. al., have entrusted me with their top talent. And didn't call security when I walked in. I know this work like the back of my hand and love it like crazy. Read the reviews. It works.

Join the club, I’d love to hear your story.

a few of the publications we've appeared in and companies we've worked with. Yeah, we're legit!

Daisy Buck

"I'm at major crossroads in my career and not 100% sure what I want to do. You have given me the courage to go after what I want."

"I finally figured it out."

Our next session starts this September 2022. This fall series will sell out, so don't wait.

If you're thinking about it, do it. Prices just went up, and they'll go up again. You’ll get in for the lowest possible investment and make strides in your career ASAP.

Doors close at 5:59 p.m. ET on Monday, September 12, 2022. (or when seats sell out.)

Do it!

I'm doing it!

The particulars

Length: 8 weeks of Hot Seat, ROC's (Rehearsal Of Concept - it's a Navy SEAL thing! Idea Exchanges, and more.

Start date: Late September, finishing before Thanksgiving.

Pay in full $599 (save $121) or 2 payments of $360.

What's  Included

"You have given me the courage ..."

Not only were your words uplifting and encouraging, but extremely helpful and life-changing. You have given me the courage to find/pursue my passion. You truly have a gift.

- Tisha Deloney

You have got to hear Courtney! She will help you recognize your value and give you the motivation you need to stretch for loftier goals, share and achieve them.

- Jan Neal

These are the resources you've been looking for to help with your search. Do yourself a favor and learn a faster way to connect yourself with results.

- Brad Donze

"I was able to land a new career..."

Courtney, you are an inspiration and I want to thank you for your help. With your guidance, I was able to land a new career.

Joe Sprockett, MBA, Texas

...Changed my entire outlook on job hunting...

Roshni Mohan, Singapore

"My life has completely changed for the better..."

... I was able to successfully launch my business! ... truly inspiring and motivating to all. As a young entrepreneur, she has definitely lit a fire in me that has allowed me to chase after my dreams!

- Latesha Byrd, Perfeqta, North Carolina

"Your program gave me the confidence to put myself out there."

- Marissa Lafata, Hampton, VA

"The beginning of a wonderful journey."

You have not only provided a job hunt road map with many tips and hints that enhanced my knowledge, but you also provided a support forum as well as your own support.

Susan Boster, California,