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I got the job! I have to say it was because of you! I was so scared to try because of fear of rejection but your program gave me the confidence to put myself out there…
Marissa L.

Guys GUYS! I GOT THE JOB!!! Not a job I needed but the job I WANTED ! What I learned from this course and from all of you who were kind enough to give me your input and encouragement was INSTRUMENTAL in making this happen. Thank you SO much.
Marissa M.

Do You Ever…

Want to know why you get non responses or rejection letters? 

Wonder why you’re not getting more interviews and offers?

Know you’re capable of doing more than the jobs you’re getting offer?

Want the answers to these questions — plus the strategies and tactics it would take years to compile on your own?

World changing careers start with people knowing how to FIND and GET the RIGHT job. Learn connection secrets, where to find opportunities and how communicate your true value in Job Hunt School.

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I’m blown away by the detailed guidance Courtney gives in this program! She covers everything you need for landing the job — plus the little stuff you never think about! I keep listening to it over and over again.
Kenzie K.

You have GOT to hear Courtney! She will help you recognize your value and give you the motivation you need to stretch for loftier goals, share and achieve them.
Jan N.

What Will You Get From Job Hunt School?

Learn the just-right steps to take to get the right job for you and when to break the old school rules to save time. 

Get cutting edge content and engaging short, information-packed videos containing real life examples, paired with do-the-work-for-you “cheat sheets.” 

Learn the latest resume format that employers love, how to write an irresistible cover letter. 

Get our questions answered in the our exclusive forum: “Can I apply to two jobs at the same company?” “What is TCP?” “What’s the right way to ask for and get changes to my employment contract?” and much more.

About Job Hunt School Creator Courtney Kirschbaum

As an award winning presenter, TEDx speaker and creator of Original Experience, Courtney’s mission is to help you get your career, your life, your way.

Courtney helps you get real about what you want and gives you the tools to get a job to take you to your ideal lifestyle.

As a former executive experienced in talent development for the world’s largest companies in the US, Europe and Asia, Courtney shares her perspective and insight from both sides of the job hunt.

As someone driven by a desire for independence and freedom, Courtney founded her own company and inspires thousands of professionals and job seekers, helping them get the jobs and create the lifestyles they want.

As a firm believer in philanthropy and the idea that “we can change the world through our work,” a portion of your investment will go to the Pathways to Success program to help high school students learn success skills early, and go for their dreams, always.

Take the Free “Sneak Preview” Course from Job Hunt School:

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